What Causes Stink Bug Infestations

These quite annoying and small bugs could be a cause for serious headache and to make matters worse they’re not really simple to locate especially once they have managed to make a home on your property. Stink bugs typically tend to hide within your garden or in and around your home in hidden and secluded areas. The major reason or the major trigger of stink bugs is that of heat and light. They are also attracted to plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Among the principal reasons as why to stink bugs continue reoccurring is because of their really foul and nasty smell or stench. That smell is very powerful and potent. The secretion they that release is extremely strong and it can last to well over 6 months. Stink hugs are attracted to this smell and stench and they will continue to come back to a location where other stink bugs have been or hibernated. The foul smell is like a beacon and it attracts other stink bugs to that region so it truly is really important that when dealing with them that you simply are careful not to agitate and annoy them so that they don’t release that terrible smell which will attract their friends. Stink bugs will be attracted to a particular building or area where other stink bugs have hibernated or resided.

In addition to the foul stench and smell stink bugs tend to keep coming back due to them becoming attracted to specific plants, fruit trees, or vegetables or crops in and around or residence or surrounding areas. Here the solution is to either destroys those plants or stop planting them and treat those plants and trees. Yet another thing which also causes stink bugs to come back is light. Since they are attracted to light they will continue coming back so long as the light remains on. So the most beneficial thing to do in this regard would be to switch off the light or treat the region with insecticides and pesticides. In the course of extremely cold seasons stink bugs also tend to reoccur and this is due to the fact they are going to be running away from the cold and they are going to be looking for a warmth place to hide and hibernate.

how to get rid of stink bugs


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